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fHE   ^MAKING    OF   A   <BRAFR

from the bush where the saskatoon-berries grew,
our mothers would send us boys out to hunt wild
turnips. We would find them in mice nests.

We would go along the prairie with a long stick,
thumping the ground as we walked. Whenever
we came to a hollow sound in the ground we
would dig down several inches and find a field-
mouse-nest full of wild turnips, all peeled and
ready for eating. We would get as much as a
pailful from one nest. The mice were very clean
little animals, and since they never lived in the
part of the nest where they kept their food, the
small turnips would be as clean and neatly stored
as if they had been put away by some cleanly
human being.

After we had been at this camp for several
weeks, our fathers all got out their 'time sticks*
one nightócalendarsóand compared them with
one another, to see if they were agreed on 'what
"sun" and "moon" we were living in'; for on a
certain *suny we would have to start north to join
the Sikslkau band of Blackfeet in the big yearly
Sun Dance of all the Blackfoot tribes.

We called a day a *sun', a month a *moon', and
a year a 'great sun3. Our fathers had long sticks
on which they kept their calendars. Each day
was notched on this stick, and at the beginning of
every moon a different kind of notch was made to
denote the month; each of the twelve months, or